Bout Des Doigts

Ludovilk Myers solo exhibition ” Bout Des Doigts ” in Tours at Galerie Renouveau from October 5th to December 3th. With ony random generated acrylic/resin paintings. Thank Nicolas Noël for everything!

Tags: Acrylic, Acrylique, AI, Aléatoire, Architecture, Art, Art Contemporain, Art Contemporain Urbain, Art Contemporary, Art on paper, Artie Shaw, Artificial Intelligence, Cartier, Contemporary art, Door, Exhibition, Flowers, France, Galerie Renouveau, Gallery Art, Glitters, Glossy, Handmade wood panel, Huile, IA, Ilk, Ilk Flottante, Ilke, Intelligence Artificielle, Jazz, Jazz Club, Ludovilk Myers, Mural, New Balance, Oil, On the road, Opening, Orléans, Painting, Paper, Pebeo, Peinture à l'huile, Print, Random, Renouveau, Resin, Risograph, Roadtrip, Rubik's cube, Screenprint, Show, Silkscreen, Solo exhibition, Solo Show, Street Art, Sur Mesure, Tiphaine, Tours, Volkswagen, Wall, Wood

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