Ludovilk Myers is an artist (painting, illustration, murals, sculpture and more) who was born, lives and works in a forest of the 93 district, the dark zone of the suburbs of Paris, France.
He discovers video games at 7, black metal and horror movies at 10, begins to develop his film cameras in the lab at 11, falls for Magic cards and Warhammer at 12, begins graffiti in 1998.

After 15 years as a freelance art director and graphic designer in luxury and the fashion world, Ludovilk Myers starts to paint in 2015 and quickly gains recognition as an independent creative and precursor artist in Paris. Inspired by a lot of eclectic stuff and avant-garde art movements, he projects the action aspect and rigor of his corporate and outdoor backgrounds into his gallery work, still using spray techniques and brushes for his abstracted, shaped and distorted representations.

He skilfully combines strange abstract elements in works that are here to live in the contemporary art world and in the spectrum of art history. His intense dynamic color palette and abstract gestures say things that he can’t be explained in any other way, things he has no words for. He is continuously experimenting with techniques and materials to create an individual, nuanced and contemporary visual language in a life built of extensive and fast flowing images.

Ludovilk Myers’s playful art scattered with funny shapes & colors is only a helping hand to sink into the depths of darkness of an organic and oppressive fantasy world.

— Bio by Xavier Dupont, curator

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