Chachoses (Kolly Gallery)

Ludovilk Myers “Chachoses” solo exhibition at Kolly Gallery Geneva (Rue des Bains 52, 1204 Genève, Suisse) from  February 3th to 25th, 2022. Thanks Julien kolly for everything and Pebeo for the support.

“Raw, spontaneous and idiosyncratic is the new exhibition Chachoses which will be presented at the Kolly Gallery Geneva from 3 – 28 February 2022.
In his quest for freedom from working on digital devices, Ludovilk Myers finds himself painting and designing semi-organic, fantastic and abstract forms. The depiction of the quotidian things plays a central role. He breathes new life into banalities and self-evident facts through his ingenious and clever concepts, such as in this case the word play of “cha and quelquechoses”. Maybe you have wondered what the word Chachoses, Chatédrale or Chapocalypse means? For the exhibition Chachoses, the artist has chosen the things that begin with “Cha” and that he particularly likes. The exhibition title was chosen in a very down-to earth way. The word “something” (in French „quelque chose”) became Chachoses. While looking at the other works, the rest of the puns will deduce themselves. Ludovilk Myers’ art is truly invigorating! With his eye-opening color choices and his bizarre figures and shapes, his paintings challenge the mind to decipher their symbolic meaning. The artworks surprise the viewer with a different reality or perspective that he may never have seen before. Different emotions and moods can be found in his colours and refresh the mind to engage with a work. Sometimes it does not take much to create something new, but simply a change of perspective. That is easier said than done. Yet Myers succeeds precisely in this bizarre amalgamation. The artist employs creativity and expresses it for personal purposes. The works have a mysterious air of balance and imbalance.” Tania Di Brita


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