Group Show (Cohle Gallery)

Group show at Cohle Gallery 7 rue d’argenteuil 75001 Paris France, from september 27th to october 8th. With artists Atelier Ate, Peter Opheim, Camilla Marie Dahl, Adam Handler, Ju Schnee, Ador, Ludovilk Myers, Fortune Hunter. Gallery installation view photos by Adrien Thibault.

Tags: Acrylic, Adam Handler, Ador, Art, Art Contemporain, Art Contemporary, Atelier Ate, Banane Patten, Camilla Marie Dahl, Canvas, Cohle Gallery, Contemporary art, Flowers, Fortune Hunter, Glitters, Group exhibition, Group show, Ilk, Ilk Flottante, Ju Schnee, Ludovilk Myers, Oil, Paris, Pebeo, Peter Opheim

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