Hellfest 2022

8 days Hellfest 2022 in Clisson (France) with Greetings From Hell in the Hellcity and the super VIP area. Supergood time with a lot of good shows (Gatecreepers, Frustration, Dying Foetus,…) and friends. Thanks a lot to Nico, Rudy, Rikoo, Clisson and all the Greetings From hell dream team.

Tags: Aggretsuko, Banane, Black Metal, Bolt Thrower, Born Bads Records, Burzum, Clisson, Death metal, Electric Wizard, France, Frustration, Gatecreepers, Goudron, Greetings From Hell, Hardcore, Hell City, Hellfest, Landmarks, Magicien Electrique, Melatica, Metal, Metallica, Michel Sardou, Music, Nicolas Noël, Rudy, Sea Shepherd, Super VIP, Tattoo, Varg, VIP

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