I See Faces (Kolly Gallery)

Ludovilk Myers “I See Faces” solo show at Kolly Gallery in Zurich (Switzerland) from  September 6th to 12th, 2021. Thanks Julien kolly for everything and Pebeo for the support.

I see Faces is the name of Ludovilk Myers’ new series. For those who thought that he would present a portrait series, were wrong! Kolly Gallery is astonished by the new series of imaginative artist Ludovilk Myers, which will be exhibited from September 6th – 11th 2021 at Kolly Gallery in Zurich. Supposedly, in Ludovilk Myers’ artworks one could recognize an accumulation of abstracted forms and juxtaposition of colors. But at the same time Myers’ visual repertoire offers a bunch of hidden figurative motifs of vases, watermelons as well as faces. Are you curious now both parts can exist on the same canvas? Then join us in the depths of Myers’ new series I see Faces. “Ludovilk Myers’ artistic journey begins with a preparatory phase of spontaneous sketches in a notebook to guide him into a direction, a vibe and color choices. As seen in the work in process images, his sketches undergo on a complex and multilayered process when applying them on the canvas. Therefore, he uses some of his most popular motifs, such as vases and watermelons, which will be additionally and fragmentary incorporated in the visual content. A very important moment for Myers’s art creation is: “Always moving forward blindly”, which he emphasizes during the explanation of his creation process. In addition to the neatly-separated color fields and thoughtful compositional layers, this series features deliberately painted freehand lines in the foreground and structurally, which give the portrait an additional human- personal depth. The artist interested in organic, naive, fast and tribal development of writing and painting. His inspirations are to express mood through colors and to let coincidences happen during the creation process. So that, after the intense and poignant painting experience on his canvases suddenly appear a wide variety of faces. Unplanned, simple and honest they emerge from the abstract pattern like masks of tribal art. By the way, did you experience already to see faces, where there are none? This phenomenon’s name is ‘facial pareidolia’ and is scientifically proven that we do not only see faces in everyday objects, our brains even process objects for emotional expression much like we do for real faces. So the question remains: what do you see? Ludovilk Myers’ artistic expression is a search for evolutionary contemplation. The observer’s interpretation is completely detached from the intention of the artist. The observer is allowed to get lost in the composition and to be able to detect new shapes at every glance, every moment, every day.” Tania Di Brita


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