Kolly Gallery Salon

Private duo exhibition at Kolly Gallery Salon in Zurich Switzerland, with artist Guillaume Grando Supakitch and curator Julien Kolly.


Tags: Acrylic, Art, Art Contemporain Urbain, Art Contemporary, Beer, Canvas, David Hockney, Edition Patrick Frey, Felipe Pantone, Glitters, Graffiti, Guillaume Grando, Handstyle, Ilk, Ilk Flottante, Julien Colombier, Julien Kolly, Kaws, Kolly Gallery, Kolly Salon, Lego, Lost, Ludovilk Myers, New Balance, Nick Cave, Nike, Pacer, Painting, Resin, Revok, Rimowa, Salon Art, Sculpture, Steph Cop, Street Art, Suisse, Supakitch, Switzerland, Tags, Tattoo, Throw-up, Todd James, Urban Art, Zurich

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