Rivers Of Babylon (Kolly Gallery)

Ludovilk Myers & Julien Colombier “Rivers Of Babylon” duo show at Kolly Gallery in Zurich (Switzerland) from July 6 to12, 2020. Thanks Julien Kolly for everything and Pebeo for the support.

” The collaboration between Ludovilk “Ilk“ Myers and Julien Colombier is based on the principle of freedom of experimentation. Nevertheless, their two art practices and styles are different, but they complement each other outstandingly well. In the complete series Rivers Of Babylon the works appear as if they were created from one hand only. The multilayered process creates cascading interactions that only stop when both artists are satisfied. The superimposition of abstract elements and harmonious colouring yet suggest a certain surreality. Besides the fun that they experience while creating collaborative artworks, it results as an inspiring process and promotes progress in their personal creative practice. Finally, Myers and Colombier end up with wonderful surprises, that they want to share with the public.” Tania di Brita

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