Swiss Cheese (Kolly Gallery)

Swiss Cheese group exhibition from 21th to 24th april 2016 in Paris at Espace Oppidum. With Ilk, Tilt, Alexone, Steph Cop, Thierry Furger, Komela. Curated by Kolly Gallery.

0416 Ilk Swiss Cheese Kolly Gallery Paris


Ilk Kolly Gallery Portrait

Ilk Kolly Gallery Opening 2

Ilk Kolly Gallery Opening 1

Ilk Canvas

Julien Kolly

Ilk Converse Canvas

Ilk Pasteques Peinture

Alexone Steph Cop Kolly Gallery

Vargcat Ilk 89x130

Plants Pot 2 89x130

Plants Pot 3 89x130

Plants Pot 1 89x130

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