Welcome Back (Cohle Gallery)

Cohle Gallery “Welcome Back” group show from may 19th to june 5th. At the gallery (17 rue Victor Massé 75009 Paris) and at Hôtel Saint-Marc (36 Rue Saint-Marc, 75002 Paris). With artists Ludovilk Myers, Alexander Paulus, Amelia Briggs, Peter Opheim, Solomestry. Thanks Pebeo for the support.

Tags: Acrylic, Alexander Paulus, Amelia Briggs, Art, Art Contemporary, Canvas, Cohle Gallery, Contemporary art, France, Glitters, Group exhibition, Group show, Hôtel Saint-Marc, Ilk, Ilk Flottante, Ludovilk Myers, Mat Pub, Montreuil, Paris, Pebeo, Peter Opheim, Solomestry, Street Art, Welcome Back

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