When Your Eyes Looked Up (Cohle Gallery)

Ludovilk Myers & Adam Handler “When Your Eyes Looked Up” duo show at Cohle Gallery in Paris (France) from May 4th to 27th 2023. Curated by Camille Cohen and Michael Le Goff. Thanks Pebeo for the support. Photos by Ludovic Prigent and Adrien Thibault.

Tags: Acrylic, Acrylique, Adam Handler, Adrien Thibault, Art, Art Contemporain, Art Contemporain Urbain, Art De Rue, Art Urbain, Camille Cohen, Cohle Gallery, Contemporary art, Epoxy, Flowers, France, Glitters, Gradiants, Graffiti, Huile, Ilk, Ilk Flottante, Ludovic Prigent, Ludovilk Myers, Mat Pub, Michael Le Goff, Montreuil, Oil, Opening, Paillettes, Painting, Paris, Pebeo, Peinture, Purple, Resin, Street Art, Urban Art, US, USA, Vernissage

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